V-Flow and Comparato customise their Diamant electric actuator for a water filtration system.

V-Flow Solutions have been the sole UK distributor for Comparato actuators and motorised valves for many years.  Comparato are an Italian company who manufacture high quality cost effective electric actuators for domestic and industrial applications.  The range consists of the models Sintesi heating control actuator and the Diamant, Compact and Universal actuators for industrial applications.

We were approached by the market leading manufacturer of water filtration systems for fish farming, they required a high quality electric actuator to operate valves in their new fully automated filtration system.  The main requirement was for a high quality and reliable actuator with a durable weatherproof enclosure.  The actuator must fit in with their budget and be customised to suit their specific operating speeds, torque output, connectivity, electrical feedback and corporate image.  It was also very important for the customer to be able to build a strong working relationship with its supplier.  The supplier would need to adapt to any future technical changes and most importantly deliver high volumes to a moving schedule.

The Comparato model Diamant was the perfect starting point to base the design, the actuator is available with a number of standard options including various operating speeds, torque outputs and additional micro-switches, also, the enclosure is rated to IP65.  The plastic cover can be fully customised and produced in any colour with embossed logo to suit the customers corporate image.  Also for consideration was the Diamant PRO which has an IP67 protection rating and available with a number of additional options including manual override.

To meet the customers budget we started work on customising the model Diamant 2000.  Tests of the prototype actuators proved the unit to be ideal for the application, the compact size of the unit fit well with the tight space constraints and the mounting flange could be easily adapted to suit the various valves that the actuator was to be fitted to.  It was necessary to remove any components that were not required to help keep the costs to a minimum, we also had to ensure that any modifications made would not compromise the quality, this included stress tests of the modified enclosures and torque tests of high speed motors.

The actuator is now produced with an elegant matt black enclosure and the customer’s company logo was moulded into the cover.  The motor has been tailored to suit the speed and torque requirement.  The final product is an excellent example of the capabilities of Comparato to produce a high quality customised product at a price to meet the customer’s budget.  This project is also a good example of how V-Flow Solutions can help with the development of a customised product and work closely with a customer to manage the supply of high volumes to moving schedules.

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