Ball Valves

Our range of Industrial ball valve and butterfly valve packages are available as simple on/off solutions or feature plug and play 4-20mA and 0-10v modulating cards and fail-safe battery back-up systems.  Valve sizes in ¼” to 20”+.  We can offer units to suit most applications, various voltages and even the most hazardous environments and difficult media.

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Our extensive range of electrically actuated butterfly valves include standard cast iron bodied valves with coated or stainless steel discs through to high performance butterfly valves for high pressure/temperature applications and PVC valves for aggressive media.

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Gate & Globe

Using Regada multi-turn and linear electric actuators we can offer an extensive range of electrically actuated gate valves and globe valves in a wide range or sizes and specifications. Actuators are available in most single phase and three phase voltages with ATEX and weatherproof enclosures for modulating or on/off duty.

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