V-Flow Electric Actuators

V-Flow Solutions have a select range of electric actuators that we can provide from. These actuators range from, 5Nm light industrial/domestic actuators from Comparato through to ATEX approved 1,000Nm heavy industrial actuators from Regada and everything in between.

We can also provide complete actuated valve solutions of any type. This is due to our extensive range of ball, butterfly, gate, globe and plug valves in conjunction with our actuators. All of our manufacturers are in Europe, their products are of the highest quality and they remain competitively priced.

Our team of engineers are all experts in their field, please contact them if you need assistance with your enquiry.

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IP68 (Waterproof) options are available for all Comparato AC Electric Actuators


IP68 Range

SMART: Actuators that can be configured using WIFI or available for Modbus communication




Schischek ExMax, RedMax and InMax actuators. Housed in an aluminium IP66 Enclosure. Exmax, Redmax and InMax use universal power supplies (24-240V AC/DC) Options:
  • Spring return fail safe
  • ATEX/explosion proof
  • Variable operating speeds
  • On-off or 3 position control
  • 2 auxiliary feedback switches
  • Aluminium or Stainless steel enclosure
  • Optional seawater resistant coating

VF Range

VF actuators are housed in an IP67 weatherproof Polyamide housing. The range offers an impressive list of standard features:
  • Protection against over-torque and condensation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Electronic torque limiter preventing damage to actuator is max torque is exceeded
  • Ability to change standard on/off function with easy to install conversion kits
  • RGB LED light to indicate the user on the state and mode of the actuator
  • Easy to install battery failsafe (can be set to normally open or normally closed)
  • Digital Positioning System (DPS) Modulating function conversion kit available
  • 24V-240V AC/DC power options available (optional 12v DC)
  • Options for 180°-270° of rotation


20 – 300 Nm

Speed of Operation (90°C)

10 58 seconds

Power Supply

12v-240v AC/DC

HQ Range

An extensive range of industrial actuators for quarter turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves and dampers.
With a wide range of output torques and control options the HQ series electric actuators can be configured to meet the demands of any site specification.
4x SPDT, 250V AC 10A Limit Switches and 2x SPDT 250c AC 10A Torque Switches.
Actuator is housed in an IP67 enclosure.
  • IP68 Enclosure
  • Potentiometer Unit (1KΩ-10KΩ)
  • Proportional control unit (In/Out: 0-10V DC, 4-20mA)
  • Current position transmitter (Output 4-20mA)
  • Local control unit (Remote/Open/Stop/Close switch)
  • Explosion proof enclosure ATEX II 2G Eexd IIB T4
  • Fire proof actuator 250°C/150min


50 1200 Nm

Speed of Operation (90°C)

13 34 seconds

Power Supply

85-265V AC 1 phase or 24v AC (VFH-005)
110/220V or 24V AC/DC or 380/440V 3 phase (HQ008-HQ0120)

For more information on our range of electric actuators please contact our experienced engineers:

Call our technical department: 01234 855888

Alternatively email:  sales@v-flowsolutions.co.uk

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