VAC V200 Tufram Coating


V200 TuframFor the hazardous environmental applications we offer Tufram® as coating on our products.

While many companies limit their assortment to only one Tufram® for all applications we have recognized the fact that two sorts of Tufram® give a better option for different protections. Hence we have enlarged our assortment to two sorts of Tufram® being able to offer the very best for the user.

Tufram® “Offshore”
In “Offshore” environments saltwater haze makes the unprotected aluminum to corrode very fast. This unit has a Tufram® coating specially developed for corrosion resistance against saltwater.

Tufram® “Acid / Alkali”
In acid and alkali environments such as chemical factories a wide range of chemicals affects the product. This Tufram® coating has a broad protection against a wide range of enviroments.

Designed for NASA, Tufram® is a “synergistic” surface enhancement for aluminum based products. Engineers worldwide have recognized the unique benefits of Tufram® in all type of manufacturing and process industries. The coating covers the product extremely well both inside and outside.



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