VAC V200E 0/10V


V200E 010VThe V200E-0/10 with its compact 0-10 V transducer makes a simple package for application where a 0-10 VDC signal is desired. This is often found in the HVAC market but certainly adaptable to the industrial process market. The modular design of the product allows for simple conversion at the time of order or in the field. The IP module is extremely resistant to vibration, is not orientation sensitive and has very low air consumption.

The V200E-0/10 accepts the 0-10 VDC signal and is available for use on rotary or linear applications. It utilizes a unique spool valve, is a cam characterized, forced balanced instrument that is simple and rugged. The pre-calibrated External IP is mounted directly to the V200P base positioner with a short adapter plate and uses the actual supply air pressure, filtered through a specially designed filter. The I/P converter then converts this pressure via an electrical signal to a 20-100kPa / 3-15psi signal back into the positioner signal diaphragm chamber for mechanical positioner response.

With a rugged IP66 / NEMA 4X die cast aluminum housing and an electrostatically applied polyester coating the unit has an excellent protection against a wide range of environmental conditions.

Standard features like the external zero and span adjustment makes this positioner very user friendly for calibration and maintenance. The large indicator has scaling to operate in both direct and reverse directions. With the unique snap in drive shaft design the unit can be used for versatile mounting to various actuator applications including rotary or linear actuators. The gauge block is cast into the unit and therefore standard. Options like special cams, dome indicators and more are available.



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