VF Range Electric Actuators

VF Electric Actuators

VF actuators are housed in an IP67 weatherproof Polyamide housing.

The range offers an impressive list of standard features:

  • Protection against over-torque and condensation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Electronic torque limiter preventing damage to actuator is max torque is exceeded
  • Ability to change standard on/off function with easy to install conversion kits
  • RGB LED light to indicate the user on the state and mode of the actuator


  • Easy to install battery failsafe (can be set to normally open or normally closed)
  • Digital Positioning System (DPS) Modulating function conversion kit available
  • 24V-240V AC/DC power options available (optional 12v DC)
  • Options for 180°-270° of rotation


20 – 300 Nm

Speed of Operation (90°C)

10 58 seconds

Power Supply

12v-240v AC/DC

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