Spring Check Valve

Spring check valve

A spring check valve is similar to a lift check valve but is not as limited in both its functionality and placement options. With a Lift check valve the need for gravity is critical in its function and this requires it to be used in a vertical placement.
A spring check valve does not require either gravity or backflow to work.

The design of a spring check valve is based on the pressure of the media, mainly a liquid, that will cause the valve to open.
The pressure that is required to open the valve is called the cracking pressure, this is the minimum upstream pressure when a normally closed valve begins to open and flow starts to run through the valve. Fluid or gas runs through the correct direction and when it reaches the optimal pressure it will overcome the force of the spring and push the sealing surface of the plunger away from the seat. this allows flow to take place.
As the pressure begins to decrease, the spring will begin to push back against the flow and will return to its original position, sealing the valve and preventing reverse flow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It is possible to design very precise spring pressures, meaning spring check valves can be found with specific cracking pressures to meet a large variety of applications.

Spring check valves can also be used in these industries:
Domestic use
Industrial process
Oil and gas
Food and beverage
Biopharm industry
Marine industry


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