10 Reasons to use Piston valves

M&M Angle Seat Piston Valve

M&M International Piston Actuated Valves are manufactured in Italy, using materials of the highest quality.

Piston actuated valves use an external control media to pilot the actuator, where a piston valve connects directly to the main seal that closes onto the orifice, controlling the flow of liquids and gases.


M&M International Piston Valves are highly recommended under these conditions:

  • The media contains dirt particles
  • Highly viscous media (up to 600 cST (80°E); 1 centistoke = 1 mm2/s)
  • High flow volumes
  • High temperatures
  • Damp environments or hazardous locations

There are four Piston Actuated Valve variations;

Technical Information

A modified PTFE has become the main seal material used in M&M Piston Actuated Valves since 2004, when it replaced the original PTFE material seal.

The modified PTFE seal provides the following benefits over its predecessor:

  • Lower porosity and permeability
  • Fewer void spaces
  • Higher elasticity
  • Reduced deformation under load
  • Better chemical resistance to controlled media
  • Smoother surface and improved design flexibility 

The standard bonnet seals consist of 2 ‘V’-shaped FKM gaskets and a package of 25% graphite-filled PTFE gaskets.

Piston Actuated Valves for High Temperatures

M&M can offer a range of Piston valves capable of working temperatures of up to 200°C, providing that the valve pressure limits are not exceeded.

The main differences, in regards to the materials in the design, are as follows;

  • A change of the actuator material: From standard PA6 to PA66 filled with 30% fibreglass
  • All valves with DN > 25 with fixed plug design (to withstand turbulence caused by steam at high speed)
  • Special design of bonnet chevrons, all are made of 25% graphite-filled PTFE.

10 Reasons to use M&M Piston Actuated Valves



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