Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valves for an Underground Drainage System

Actuated Butterfly Valves For An Underground Drain System

Our client requested that one of our technical engineers visit their site to advise on a drainage system they were installing.

The client required an automated valve system to be installed underground, which would operate by means of a push button controlled from a location above ground.

Our customer also needed the valve package to be easy to install to existing drainage pipes.

The client was installing the electrically actuated valves in man-holes so there was a potential risk that rainfall could enter the chamber and damage the assemblies. To avoid this risk we advised our customer to install soakaways to prevent surface water coming into contact with the electrical equipment. 

After evaluating our client’s requiremennts we supplied three J2 H300 actuators mounted directly onto 300 mm and 150 mm wafer pattern butterfly valves with EPDM liners and stainless steel discs. We also supplied fabricated flanged spigots, for fast and simple installation to the existing pipework system.

The actuators are weatherproof to IP65 and fitted with anti-condensation heaters to prevent corrosion of the electronic components and motor.  Wiring is simply through DIN connectors at the front of the actuator, eliminating any need to remove the actuator cover.


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