Fusible Link Valves for Fire Safety

Fusible Link Valves For Fire Safety

New to the V-Flow Solutions range of valve solutions comes the ‘Fusible Link Valves for Fire Safety’.  

These valves have a special design to provide a mechanical safety shut-off in the event of a fire.

The valves come with a spring pack which a fusible link holds open.

The link is specially made with a temperature yield point (specified by the customer), when the temperature is reached for example in a fire situation the link breaks and releases the spring and closes the valve

The fusible link valves are available in a very wide range of valve sizes and types.  

Please contact our technical department for details and to discuss your specific application.

Download a PDF on Fusible Link Valves

If you would like more information regarding fusible link valves or other products available from V-Flow, please contact our technical team by;

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Email: sales@v-flowsolutions.co.uk

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