High Speed Rotary Electric Actuators

High Speed Rotary Electric Actuators

High speed rotary electric actuators can provide certain benefits compared to electric actuators, in specific applications.
Electric actuators are generally designed to operate ball valves and butterfly valves at controlled rates of opening. This is for various reasons, which include the ability to deliver the maximum torque from a motor, to be able to sense torque overload from the valve and to avoid the water-hammer effect of opening a valve too quickly for liquids.

However, there may be industrial applications where a fast opening time is essential. For example, repetitive industrial automation actions and specifically where compressed air is not available for pneumatic actuation.

The Comparato Diamant Pro actuators from V-Flow Solutions have options for fast operation times that could solve your high speed actuation problem. Actuation times for 90˚ can be as low as 1 to 4 seconds for 5Nm and 3 seconds for 8Nm.

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