Electrically Actuated High Temperature Globe Valve

Electrically Actuated High Temperature Globe Valve

For those of you who follow the V-Flow Solutions blogs, you will know that we have dealt with many very specialist applications over the year. 

V-Flow Solutions take pride in solving hundreds of flow control problems from our portfolio of select products.   

All main V-Flow products are manufactured throughout Europe to the very highest quality standards.

Our engineers work closely with the factory engineers to provide the most suitable solutions for our customer’s specific requirements.



In this blog, we discuss an electrically actuated high-temperature globe valve.

This week’s interesting application was for an electrically actuated valve suitable for controlling very high-temperature air in a test facility.  

Our customer requested that the actuator would integrate with their PLC software, it must be accurately controllable from a 4-20mA signal and of course, the valve assembly must withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Centrigrade.

V-Flow, in collaboration with Regada engineers, were able to design a special valve assembly.  

The specially manufactured stainless steel globe valve features metal to metal seats.

The valve connects to a Regada linear actuator via a bellows assembly.  It is imperative we isolate the actuator from the temperature in the valve.

The specially designed bellows reduced heat dissipation.

The actuator also featured manual override lever should the unit require manual operation in an emergency. There is also a feedback potentiometer providing the PLC information of the state of the valve.  

Other features include an IP67 enclosure, torque switches, micro switches and visual position indication.

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