IP68 Submersible Electric Actuators from Comparato


Ingress Protection Ratings

Protection of electrical equipment from water ingress can be problematic when the application calls for installation in the proximity of falling water, jets and unexpected dousing.

An ingress protection rating of IP67 will ensure water should not cause problems in the scenarios mentioned above.

However, protection from total immersion in water (IP68) is a less-common specification and usually only found in heavy-duty and costly industrial equipment, especially those intended for the marine industry and the like.

This is no help for designers of smaller applications who are faced with the same issues.

New IP68 Range

Comparato, Italian manufacturers of motorised valves and heating controls, now have IP68-rated versions of their popular Diamant Pro, Compact Pro and Universal Pro ISO 5211 standard industrial electric actuators at extremely cost-effective prices.

Permanent immersion at a depth of 1m is possible thanks to the sealed enclosure with 1.5m pre-wired cables for motor and auxiliary control (longer cables available on request).

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Possible industries and applications include:

  • Naval/marine
  • Farming/agriculture
  • Alternative energy
  • Water treatment
  • General automation

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