New to our range of M&M International piston valves  –  Stainless Steel Actuators

New To Our Range of M&M International Piston Valves - Stainless Steel Actuators

V-Flow has recently started supplying M&M piston valves to the offshore industry. For this application, it was imperative that the valves fully comply with ATEX certification and could withstand the aggressive environment.

Therefore, we can ensure that the new stainless steel actuators are fully compliant with ATEX 2GD and are available throughout the range 1/2″ to 2″ in normally open, normally closed and double acting configurations with 63mm and 90mm actuator sizes.

As we did with this application, we can also supply these valves with threaded connections. However, it is also possible to supply them with flanged, RJT and weld connections.

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