M&M International Process Solenoid Valves

M&M International Process Solenoid Valves

If you are looking for any type of solenoid valve to control process media then the M&M International range of process solenoid valves should be your first option.

The extensive range of valves covers a multitude of process applications. These range from water and oil through to steam, high pressure compressed air and also aggressive chemicals.  2 way valves are available in various sizes from G1/8″ to 2″ and 3 way valves in G1/8″ and G1/4″.

The specially designed steam valves can handle temperatures up to 180 degrees C, 9 Barg saturated steam pressure.

Although the range is incredibly extensive, M&M International are specialists in designing bespoke solutions or adapting standard valves to suit the most difficult applications.

Due to this, we advise you call us to discuss your solenoid valve requirements.

Please contact the V-Flow technical team by;

Telephone: 01234 855888

Email: sales@v-flowsolutions.co.uk


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