WRAS Approved Motorised Valves for Heating Control

WRAS Approved Motorised Valves for Heating Control

Our client required high-quality cost-effective motorised valves for heating control in a block of apartments.  It was imperative that the valves were WRAS approved.

To ensure the correct unit we provided a set of samples to our customer. We assembled the samples, in-house, using a Comparato Sintesi electric actuator and a nickel plated brass ball valve. The samples passed all tests and we have recently supplied the third batch.

The actuators have a 3-year manufacturers warranty. Comparato manufactures the valves and actuators in Italy, to a very high standard.

V-Flow Solutions technicians assemble and test each unit in the UK.

A unique feature of the Sintesi actuator is the quick release clip system. Thus allowing the installer to remove the actuator simply without the need to remove screws or pins.

Other features include a very clever uni-directional motor but with the bi-directional operation (which we call Uni-Bidirectional).

A pre-wired lead, a micro switch for open position feedback, a live return for controlling a pump or similar and a new design ergonomic IP54 plastic enclosure.

The Sintesi Pro actuator has the additional features of a faster bi-directional motor, a 2 point-3 point control switch and a visual position indicator.

Motorised Valves for Heating Control are something that V-Flow Solutions are able to offer as an Actuated Valve Package.

To view more details about the Sintesi range of actuators, click here.

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