** NEW PRODUCT RANGE ** Compressed Air Cooling and Airstream Products

V-Flow Solutions are proud to announce a new product range in our extensive portfolio.

V-Flow  have decided to unite a series of diverse products that share the common feature of being simple and innovative solutions to long-standing and complex issues for which we believe the market does not offer adequate answers. This may be due to technical issues or to problems of cost efficiency. The simplicity is the result of ingenuity, know-how, and extensive experience that the designers have instilled in these products. So, special features make them one-of-a-kind. With a great focus on customers’ requirements.

Products include:  Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, Cooling Tubes, Condensate Separators, Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Coolers and Special Nozzles.   All products are based on maintenance free compressed air solutions using innovative engineering techniques.

The products are all made in Italy to the high standards expected of all V-Flow Solutions products.   Speak to our engineers by calling 01234 85588 or email sales@v-flowsolutions.co.uk


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