NEW VAC V200 Range Of Pneumatic Positioners

New VAC V200 Range Of Pneumatic Positioners

V-Flow is delighted to announce a new range of pneumatic positioners.

Below we list some of the benefits of this new range.

All In One Housing

The speed and accuracy of this positioner is achieved with a simple but effective design and quality components.

With an option to deliver up to 1416slpm / 50scfm and the ability to completely calibrate this unit externally, the flexibility of this product is ideal for standardization and retrofit.

The compact housing allows for an internal IP converter, internal position switches and 4-20mA position transmitter – all in one compact, rugged NEMA 4X, IP66 die-cast aluminium housing.


The ability to calibrate a positioner is important… time can be money and with the V200 calibration is simple, easy and NOT time-consuming.

You can adjust both zero and span without removing the cover and the single spring has very little interaction.

Complete Offering

Being able to get all of the needed options from a single product can be a real benefit.

This series offers a number of specials such as Tufram® and Nickel coating and units design for use in high and low temperatures.

With various cams, pilots and with the ability to add a beacon indicator and more this product will suit a wide range of applications. And all are available from one source and one product.

The flexibility of going from one type to the other in minutes saves time and money. Quality construction of each product equals accurate control and long service life.

Position Feedbacks

As the need for position feedback grows the V200 allows for very accurate feedback options.

From switches to 4-20 transmitter, these components fit very neatly and simple into the NEMA 4X housing.

For more information on this product please visit our Pneumatic Positioners page under Ancillary Equipment.

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