V-Flow Solutions involved with large scale export project in the oil and gas industry.

V-Flow Solutions have recently been involved with a large scale export project in the oil and gas industry

V-Flow were involved in a large scale project for the oil and gas industry. We are able to get into projects of this nature because of the range of Ashcroft gauges and pressure switches we are able to provide. We provided our customer with over one hundred Ashcroft T5500 bourdon tube type stainless steel pressure gauges and installation kits.

The Ashcroft type T5500 is perfectly suited to oil and gas applications due to its high accuracy and reliability; these particular gauges were all calibrated from 0 to 100Bar with 100mm EN 83703 dials.

Our client was working on a very tight deadline and it was important for V-Flow to deliver on time.  We were very pleased to receive thanks from our client for the excellent service and support and we look forward to dealing with them again in the future.

For further details on our range of Ashcroft products please contact our technical team by;

Telephone: 01234 855888

Email: sales@v-flowsolutions.co.uk

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