Piston Valve Applications: Chillers

M&M Piston actuated valves can be used in a wide variety of applications, in this blog post we are going to provide some examples of M&M Piston Valves In Chillers and chilling applications, we also recommend the type of valve for this application.

Piston actuated valves used in chillers:

Piston Valves in Chillers

Chillers are cooling units for water and other process fluids. Thermal energy turns into freezing energy by an absorption freezing cycle, in which the coolant changes its state in combination with the substance, as an absorbent.

Thanks to their versatility, these units are suitable throughout various parts of the food industry: for cooling mineral water, juices, syrups, wort fermentation, and water solutions of liquors; drinking water used in manufacturing pasta; water used in cooling rolling boards for candies, chocolate, icing and condensed milk. In the mechanical and other industrial applications, the chillers are for cooling water in moulds, lubrication oils in tools, water in rollers in the paper industry.

Piston Valves in Chillers

Chillers are made up of a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. Therefore the system consists of two hydraulic circuits. One circuit for the coolant and another circuit chills the water or process fluid.

Cooling Circuit

The compressor compresses the coolant and sends it to the condenser in the form of high-temperature gas.

By entering the condenser, the coolant turns into hot liquid, the expansion valve then controls this and turns into cold gas. The gas goes into the evaporator and absorbs heat by getting in contact with process hot water. Then its cooling cycle starts again.

Process Fluid Circuit

Valve (A) controls process hot water and sends it to the evaporator, which works as a heat exchanger. When it gets in contact with the coolant, hot water yields its heat. This then cools and valve (b) regulates it. It then flows to the beginning of the process again.

Due to this, the type of valve that we would recommend for this application is:


You can view the V-Flow Solutions range of M&M Piston actuated valves here:


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