Sometimes plastic is the right material to use for flow control equipment

Plastic Valves

Gone are the days when plastic was a material only suitable for making cheap components and toys.

Sometimes plastic is the most suitable material to use.  

This is especially the case in the flow control industry where we find ourselves dealing with aggressive chemicals and acids.

Whether it is the media or in the environment, or perhaps we need to reduce weight, plastic can be considered.

There are more and more high-quality plastics and technopolymers in the manufacturing of our products.

The reason is not simply to reduce cost but improve performance, especially in difficult applications.

We can offer from our extensive range of products plastic ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, piston valves and solenoid valves.  

The most popular materials are uPVC, ABS and Polypropylene but we have many other options to suit almost any aggressive media.

All of our Comparato electric actuators have glass reinforced nylon and ABS covers.

These have proven in some cases to be stronger and lighter than aluminium with the added benefit of the lower cost and aesthetically improved design.  

We also have a range of pneumatic vane actuators which make use of glass reinforced nylon internally and externally, in order to be suitable for aggressive environments containing salt or chemicals.

Bespoke Plastic Equipment

The same applies to our bespoke level and flow measurement equipment.

Our range of bespoke equipment includes

  • Pressure switches
  • Flow switches
  • Level sensors
  • Flow meters

All listed products are available with plastic wetted parts.

Our range of plastic products doesn’t stop there. We can even supply plastic pipe, fittings and solvents.

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