Pneumatic Piston Valves from M&M International

Pneumatic Piston Valves from M&M International

M&M International is one of the leaders in producing pneumatic piston valves (or pneumatic angle seat valves). Manufactured in Bergamo Italy to very high standards the M&M pneumatic piston valve has become one of the industry standard solutions for controlling liquid, gases and steam processes.

The valve bodies are available in bronze or stainless steel with various port size options, actuator sizes and materials. 

There are a whole host of extra facilities such as stroke inhibitor, electrical position feedback and even fully modulating valves.

Benefits of M&M Piston Valves

M&M piston valves are available with various connection options from BSP and NPT threaded to flanged, RJT and weld ends.  

We can supply the valves in normally closed, normally open spring return, double acting configurations and the useful bi-directional (anti-waterhammer) valve.

For regulating flow of gases, liquids or steam the M&M modulating piston valve is a very accurate, reliable and fast acting solution. Using an integral electronic positioner unit we can modulate valve using a 4-20mA or 0-10V control signal.  

The M&M piston valve is also one of the most cost effective pneumatic modulating solutions.

Also available is the M&M manually operated piston valve.  

The manual version of the valve uses a compact hand-wheel. Which can open and close the valve or allow setting and locking so the valve can be a manual flow controller.

Other Piston Valve Variants

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