V-Flow Solutions announce a new line in pneumatic vane actuators.

New Range of Pneumatic Vane Actuators

V-Flow Solutions are proud to announce the introduction of a new and exciting actuator to their extensive range.  For many applications rack and pinion actuators fit the bill but in certain applications, a pneumatic vane actuator is more suitable. V-Flow Solutions pneumatic vane actuators provide rotary control for simple open/close and modulating applications.

High-quality components and fewer moving parts increase lifespan.

The V-Flow vane actuator range is efficient and cost-effective with an extended life in contrast to many other actuator types.

V-Flow's rotary pneumatic vane actuator can offer many improvements over standard rack and pinion design units.

  • Available with either glass reinforced polyamide (corrosion resistant) or aluminium bodies.
  • External single acting spring unit in a sealed housing is ideal for protecting the spring in corrosive environments.
  • Simple design with fewer moving parts to increase lifespan.
  • In order to achieve zero hysteresis, the vane is the only moving part of the actuator.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extensive range of spring return or double acting actuators developing various torque outputs.

Ball and Butterfly valves can be fitted to the vane actuators via the ISO5211 direct mounting flange.

Other mounting options include NAMUR mounted solenoid valves, which allow position control and confirmation options.

For information on this exciting new range of quarter turn actuators please contact our technical team by:

Telephone: 01234 855888

Email: sales@v-flowsolutions.co.uk

Alternatively you can use the contact form below.

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