Regada Electric Actuators

Regada Electric Actuators

Regada Electric Actuators are suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty valve automation applications. Options available with Regada actuators include linear, part turn or multi turn functions, position monitoring for modulation, IP 68 protection and explosion proof versions as well as many other features.

The Regada line is suitable for applications in industries such as:

The Water Industry

Standard on-off series or Rematic are often used in water applications such as water and sewage treatment plants, water transmission pipelines, filling stations, dams and many more.

Environment Industry / HVAC

Small compact standard series of linear actuators are suitable for HVAC and ventilation systems.

General Industry

The actuators are suitable for industrial plants like steel mills, paper mills, cement mills, sugar refineries and the food, drink and milk industries.

Power Plants

The Special series of explosion-proof actuators, certified according to IEC Ex and other standards, are applied to applications in (nuclear) power plants.

The Regada Range

Standard Series

All Actuators (Linear, Part-turn, Multi-turn) are products in the standard range aiming for On-Off duty applications. The actuators can be fitted with a mechanical positioner or transmitter on request, providing the actuator with modulating capabilities.

Rematic Series

The Rematic Series of actuators enables absolute contactless monitoring of position and aims at modulating applications. Reliable mechanics of traditional electric actuators equipped with new and modern electronic control systems, DMS3 provides plenty of functions (and incomparable comfort during the actuator settings) and a good user experience in the settings menu.

EX Proof Series

The EX Proof Series of all types of actuators have two versions, ISOMACT and UNIMACT. They can be installed as active members of heating systems, energy, gas, air conditioning and other applications which have the potential for explosions.


The A-Series represents a special version of actuators that are designated for nuclear power plants outside of the containment (Active) zone.

You can view the V-Flow Solutions range of Regada electric actuators here:
Regada Electric Actuators

V-Flow Solutions can offer three forms of Regada electric actuators:
• Linear
• Part-turn
• Multi-turn

There are four categories for each of these three forms:
• Explosion proof
• Modulating
• On/Off
• Positioning

Regada electric actuators offer IP68 protection which means that they are able to function in complete water immersion. (Although the depth will be specified by the manufacturer).
The complete specification for IP68 is as follows:

6 – Dust tight: No ingress of dust. Complete protection against contact.

8 – Immersion beyond 1m: The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions that shall be specified by the manufacturer. Normally this means that the equipment seals hermetically. However, with certain types of equipment, it can mean that water can enter but only in such a manner that it produces no harmful effects.

Test duration for IP68 – continuous immersion in water, depth specified by the manufacturer.

V-Flow Solutions Ltd have extensive experience in supplying customised Regada actuated valve packages to suit the requirements of a variety of applications. If you would like to discuss your requirements with our technical team please call 01234 855888 or alternatively you can e-mail us at

You can find more information on our Regada electric actuator range here:
Regada Electric Actuators


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