Solenoid Valve Problems (1) – Valve Not Working

Solenoid Valve Problems 1

Solenoid Valve Problems 1 – Valve not working

Check the following:

  • The solenoid valve is connected in the correct direction – port 1 upstream, port 2 downstream, or look for an arrow on the valve body indicating the direction of flow.
  • The supply voltage matches that shown on the solenoid coil (within 10%).
  • Pilot-Operated valves – that you have the required minimum pressure differential (upstream pressure minus downstream pressure).
  • Pilot-Operated valves and Assisted-Lift valves – that you don’t have vacuum downstream of the valve (you cannot ‘suck’ through pilot-operated solenoid valves).
  • That you don’t have any back pressure (downstream pressure greater than upstream pressure).
  • Isolate the valve from voltage and fluid, remove the top nut, ID plate, coil and armature taking care not to lose the plunger and spring inside. Check for sediment, debris or corrosion inside the armature and that the plunger is free to move.
  • Pilot-Operated valves and Assisted-Lift valves – remove the upper valve body and check the diaphragm inside for any debris or tears.

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