Comparato Introduce the new Sintesi Smart and Sintesi DC Motorised Actuators for Ball Valves

The Sintesi motorised actuator has been a part of the Comparato range of valve actuators for many years, predominately used to control heating systems and cooling systems but also finding it’s place in light industrial applications due to it’s high quality and durability.

With the addition of the improved Micro Sintesi in 2016 the actuator became more ergonomic and durable making it one of the most respected units on the market.  Two years on and there are two new Sintesi actuators added to the range.

The first is the new Sintesi Smart, a proportional version of the standard on/off actuator.  The unit uses M-Bus protocol to proportionally open and close the valve thus regulating the flow using 0-10v, 2-10v, 4-20mA or 0-20mA control signal.

Torque output is 8Nm and the actuator still utilises the patented quick release system for simple and effective connection of valves without the need to remove any pins or screws.

Also available is an ISO5211 adapter which enables the actuator to be used for valves using a standard ISO mounting pad.

When used with the specially designed metering valve with integral regulation disc the flow characteristic is improved greatly over a standard ball valve providing a more accurate equal percentage control over flow.

The actuator is available in various speed options to suit specific system requirements and powered by 24vDC or 24vAC.

With an ingress protection rating of IP54 the unit is suited to a multitude of indoor applications such as high accuracy heating and cooling control or even mains water flow regulation.

To differentiate from the standard range of on/off actuators with red covers the Sintesi Smart has a yellow cover.

If a proportional actuator is required for operating larger higher torque valves, then Comparato also offer the Diamant PILOT (11Nm) and the Compact PILOT (22Nm).

For heavier duty applications and greater torques V-Flow can offer proportional and modulating actuators from the VF and Regada ranges up to and over 1,000Nm.

Comparato Sintesi Smart

The Sintesi actuator was only previously available for systems using AC voltages, Comparato have now also extended the range to include the Sintesi DC.

The actuator boasts all the features of the other Sintesi actuators but uses a high-quality brushless DC motor further expanding the applications where the Comparato Sintesi range of actuators and actuated valves can be used.

For further details on the Comparato Sintesi range of actuators and actuated valve packages please contact the V-Flow Solutions technical team who will be happy to offer any assistance required.


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