The Sintesi Electric Actuator

If you are looking for a high-quality motorised valve for controlling heating water then the Comparato SINTESI is the perfect solution. 

The Sintesi is an ultra-reliable valve system which can provide hundreds of thousands of trouble-free operations. The SINTESI is considered by some as one of the best-motorised zone valves on the market.

Featuring a highly durable IP54 enclosure the SINTESI has a revolutionary quick release system which allows the installer to remove or attach the actuator to the valve without screws and not requiring the removal of pins.  

Other features include a volt free micro-switch for open position feedback, a live return wire for controlling a water pump directly, various speed option and optional bi-directional or uni-bidirectional motors

Electrically Actuated Valves

Sintesi Features

The SINTESI PRO features a 2 point/3 point connection switch to make both wiring options possible using a single actuator; this unit also has a position indicator.  

By using the bi-directional motor it is possible to modulate the actuator to control the flow.

We can supply all Sintesi actuators with high-quality brass ball valves in various configurations. This includes two way, three way diverting/mixing, bypass and right angle.

Click this link for details on the SINTESI product range: SINTESI Product Range Coupling Spring Design

Comparato manufactures all of their actuators in Italy to the highest of standards.

They also come with an extended manufacturer warranty.

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