Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Chemical Storage Application

Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Chemical Storage Application

When it comes to difficult applications V-Flow Solutions are the right company to talk to.  The V-Flow engineers are all experts in their field and have a great deal of experience with solving some of the most difficult flow control problems.  This can often involve extreme parameters related to pressure, flow, velocity or aggressive media. In this case, we had to look into an Ultrasonic Level Sensor.

Our engineers were recently asked to look into a suitable means of identifying the presence of liquid in a sealed container housing tank of aggressive chemicals. If any liquid appears in the sump of the container then there is a risk that one of the tanks has a leak. An audible and visual alarm would engage and warn of the potential hazard.

The chemical, in this case, is highly aggressive and potentially dangerous.

The solution was to install Magnetrol ultrasonic level sensors in the sump of the container. The sensor needs special manufacturing from materials that would not corrode due to the chemicals.  Magnetrol produced a special version of their Echotel Ultra-Sonic switch which used a Kynar sensor probe.  All the external mounted components and housing were to be made from 316 stainless steel for durability and reliability.

The Echotel is the perfect solution to this difficult application.  It is also easy to connect the Echotel to a PLC or computer-based monitoring system. We can also tailor the construction materials, in order to suit most applications.

Magnetrol Ultrasonic Level Sensor Kynar 2 Magnetrol ultrasonic level sensor Kynar

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