V-Flow Solutions – The plastic actuated valve specialists

V-Flow Solutions - The Plastic Actuated Valve Specialists

For many years we at V-Flow Solutions have been developing our range of plastic actuated valves, today we like to consider ourselves specialists in this field. V-Flow Solutions the plastic actuated valves specialists.

Plastic Ball and Butterfly Valves

Our extensive range of plastic ball and butterfly valves are available in various forms of PVCu, ABS and Polypropylene in 2 way or 3-way configurations with many connection options such as threaded, solvent weld and flanged.  

In most cases, we actuate high-quality valves manufactured by F.I.P in Italy (known as Durapipe in the UK) but we also use products from other high-quality valve manufacturers when a more cost-effective solution is required.

Actuators for Plastic Valves

Electric actuators for plastic valves are preferred to be manufactured from plastic.  

The extensive Comparato range of actuators features ultra-high strength and chemically & UV resistant plastic bodies.  

On some larger butterfly valve assemblies, it is necessary to use actuators from our Regada range of actuators giving us a greater number of available options and literally no limit to the size of valve we offer.

We can also build custom valve assemblies using pneumatic actuators.  

Where chemical resistance is important we use our plastic bodied vane actuators or epoxy coat the aluminium actuator bodies for added protection.

It Doesn't Stop There

Our ever-growing range of quality products also includes plastic globe valves and diaphragm valves.  

These valves can also operate pneumatically or electrically with many options available to suit your specific needs.  

Other plastic valves available from V-Flow includes an extensive range of solenoid valves, ideal for chemical applications.

Speak To The Experts

If you require any form of actuated valve, be it electric or pneumatic please contact our team of engineers. They will gladly talk through your specific requirements in order to offer the most suitable valve solution for your application.

Speak with our plastic actuated valve specialists.

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