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For applications that involve corrosive chemicals, acids and alkali it is common for our standard brass or even stainless steel bodied solenoid valves to not be suitable.  

Often these aggressive media can attack and corrode the stainless steel internal components, eventually causing valve failure.

With all of our solenoid valves we can change the seal materials to suit specific applications but in some cases, it is necessary to use different body materials too.  

It is also necessary to consider the compatibility of the internal components such as armature, armature tube and springs. 

V-Flow Plastic Solenoid Valves can be used in these situations.

For food and drink applications it can also be important that fluids do not come in contact with certain materials.

This runs the risk of laying dormant in parts of the valve where bacteria can form.

The V-Flow Solutions range of plastic bodied solenoid valves includes designs with isolated (or dry) armatures; this means that the media will not come in contact with the metallic parts.

This makes the valves suitable for use with media that could attack and corrode the stainless steel and copper/silver used in standard solenoid valves.

The valve bodies can consist of various materials, from PVC, PTFE, Polypropylene and PA6. 

You can select the seal material to suit the media, seals range from PTFE, FKM, NBR and EPDM.

We can tailor the valve connections to suit pipework and fittings.

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