Comparato Compact PRO actuated valve and Flow X3 flow measuring equipment.

V-Flow Solutions design a bespoke Comparato Compact Pro actuated valve package

V-Flow Solutions were contacted by a client who required a means of controlling  and monitoring the flow of seawater from a remote location. We were given very specific details on how the valve should connect with existing pipework and how the monitoring equipment should be compatible with the client’s PLC programming. 

Starting with the design of the stainless steel pipework, we incorporated a Comparato Compact Pro actuated ball valve and Flow X3 flow measuring equipment into the system to provide the perfect solution.

The Comparato Compact Pro actuator features an IP67 enclosure, anti-condensation heater, manual override and also position confirmation switches which perform alongside the existing PLC. A Flow X3 paddlewheel flow meter/transmitter provides a 4-20mA signal to the Flow X3 digital receiver. 

The flow meter displays the flow rate on an LCD display and is fully integrated with the existing PLC.

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