Stainless steel solenoid valves

Stainless steel solenoid valves are ideal for use with some aggressive media and chemical applications. For applications where the media is not compatible with brass, in some cases a stainless steel bodied solenoid valve is more suitable. Valve bodies are generally made from stainless steel grade 1.4305 EN 10088/AISI 303 or ASME SA351/351M AISI316L CF3M.

10 Reasons to use Piston valves

M&M Piston valves can be used throughout a wide range of industries. Here we give some information about the valves and 10 reasons you should use an M&M Piston actuated valve.

Spring Check Valve

A brief description of a spring check valve. A spring check valve is similar to a lift check valve but is not as limited in both its functionality and placement options.

Process Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are simple and effective electrically operated valves to control liquid, gas or steam.  Solenoid valves have many uses, from controlling compressed air to operate pneumatic equipment, controlling high pressure oil to operate hydraulic equipment.

Lift check valve

Basic description of a lift check valve, how it works and some of its applications. A lift check valve is used to prevent back flow into the stream. The valve is used mainly in water applications because of its design.

Spring-Return Handle (Deadman's Lever)

These devices are similar to a regular lever but contain a heavy duty spring that returns the valve to its default position, which can be lockable. They are manufactured in stainless steel, have an IP65 weatherproof housing and are guaranteed for 20,000 operations.

V-Flow and Comparato customise their Diamant electric actuator for a water filtration system.

We were approached by the market leading manufacturer of water filtration systems for fish farming, they required a high quality electric actuator to operate valves in their new fully automated filtration system. The main requirement was for a high quality and reliable actuator with a durable weatherproof enclosure. The actuator must fit in with their budget and be customised to suit their specific operating speeds, torque output, connectivity, electrical feedback and corporate image. It was also very important for the customer to be able to build a strong working relationship with its supplier. The supplier would need to adapt to any future technical changes and most importantly deliver high volumes to a moving schedule.

Bespoke Valve Solution for Automotive Application

V-Flow Solutions engineers are always happy to look at customer's specific requirements and offer bespoke solutions tailor made for the application. We have provided valve solutions for a vast range of applications and we are always keen to solve engineering problems using our experience and knowledge. We were approached by a company who were working with a major manufacturer of commercial vehicles, their requirement was for a simple solenoid valve but the parameters that they needed to work with were note quite so simple. We were asked to assist in the development of a bespoke valve solution to be used in the AdBlue emission control system of trucks and commercial vehicles.

Comparato Sintesi - Motorised Valves for domestic and industrial heating control

The Comparato Sintesi range of electrically actuated valves are high quality motorised valve systems suitable for domestic and industrial heating control. The extensive range of valve and actuator options enables us to provide the most suitable valve system for controlling heating water to suit your specific system requirements.

High Speed Rotary Electric Actuators

Electric actuators are generally designed to operate ball valves and butterfly valves at controlled rates of opening. This is for various reasons, which include the ability to deliver the maximum torque from a motor, to be able to sense torque overload from the valve and to avoid the water-hammer effect of opening a valve too quickly for liquids.


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