Piston Valve Applications: Kerosene Filling

M&M piston valves are manufactured in Italy, using the highest quality materials for a high quality product. M&M piston actuated valves use an external control media to pilot the actuator, where a piston valve is directly connected to the main seal that closes onto the main orifice, thereby controlling the flow of liquids and gases.

Piston Valve Applications: Chillers

M&M Piston actuated valves can be used in a wide variety of applications, in this next series of blog posts we are going to provide some examples of the type of applications that they have been used in and the type of valve that we would recommend for the application.

Solenoid Valve Applications: Water

M&M Solenoid valves have a wide variety of uses in water applications. "The steam circuit includes a steam generator overheating water taken from the supply system. Water is then let into the cooking chamber in the form of steam. The function of the solenoid valve is to exhaust the tank collecting the condensation."

Solenoid Valve Applications: Oil

M&M solenoid valves are used in the lifting of the dentist chair, here is part of how this works: "The chair lifting system works under the thrust of a hydraulic cylinder operated by the medium (oil). Compared to a mechanical system, the hydraulic thrust has the advantage of a “smoother” movement."

Solenoid Valve Applications: Vending Machines

Solenoid valves have a wide range of uses in vending and dispenser machines, here are some examples of M&M solenoid valves being used in these applications.

Solenoid Valve Applications: Compressed Air

Examples of Solenoid valve uses in compressed air applications. "A solenoid valve intercepts compressed air from the system and shoots it against the small parts to push them into the assembly machine. A photocell is positioned at the mouth of the feeder."

Plastic Valves

Plastic valves are alternatives to metal valves. They tend to be used in corrosive applications as, unlike metal valves, they are able to resist corrosion, rust, scale and any other forms of build-up. Being able to resist these forms of build-up is a huge positive and also means that plastic valves will have a longer lifespan than their metal counterparts.

Stainless steel solenoid valves

Stainless steel solenoid valves are ideal for use with some aggressive media and chemical applications. For applications where the media is not compatible with brass, in some cases a stainless steel bodied solenoid valve is more suitable. Valve bodies are generally made from stainless steel grade 1.4305 EN 10088/AISI 303 or ASME SA351/351M AISI316L CF3M.

10 Reasons to use Piston valves

M&M Piston valves can be used throughout a wide range of industries. Here we give some information about the valves and 10 reasons you should use an M&M Piston actuated valve.

Spring Check Valve

A brief description of a spring check valve. A spring check valve is similar to a lift check valve but is not as limited in both its functionality and placement options.


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