V-Flow extend the range of Electrically Actuated Plastic Ball Valves

Fusible Link – Fire Safety Valves

Dust Collector Pulse Valves

** NEW PRODUCT RANGE ** Compressed Air Cooling and Airstream Products

Dust Collector Solenoid Valves / Pulse Valves

10 Reasons to use M&M International Solenoid Valves

Actuated 3 Way Ball Valve For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator with Namur Solenoid Valve

IP68 Submersible Electric Actuators from Comparato

Comparato Introduce the new Sintesi Smart and Sintesi DC Motorised Actuators for Ball Valves

Solenoid Valves – Installation, Maintenance and Problem Solving

New: Pneumatic Pressure Switches

Regada Electric Actuators

How To Identify BSP Threads

Solenoid Valve Applications: Dryers

Piston Valve Applications: Metal Cleaning Machines

Piston Valve Applications: Manufacturing Paraffin Wax

Piston Valve Applications: Casting Systems

Piston Valve Applications: Kerosene Filling

Piston Valve Applications: Chillers

Solenoid Valve Applications: Water

Solenoid Valve Applications: Oil

Solenoid Valve Applications: Vending Machines

Solenoid Valve Applications: Compressed Air

Plastic Valves

Stainless steel solenoid valves

10 Reasons to use Piston valves

Spring Check Valve

Process Solenoid Valves

Lift check valve

Spring-Return Handle (Deadman’s Lever)

V-Flow and Comparato customise their Diamant electric actuator for a water filtration system.

Bespoke Valve Solution for Automotive Application

Comparato Sintesi – Motorised Valves for domestic and industrial heating control

High Speed Rotary Electric Actuators

Solenoid Valve Problems (2) – Coils

Solenoid Valve Problems (1) – Valve Not Working

Understanding Pressure Switches

V-Flow Solutions extend the range of plastic actuated valves

High Pressure Differential Pressure Gauge Manifold Assembly

M&M International Solenoid Valves and Piston Valves

Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Chemical Storage Application

V-Flow Solutions sister company launch new website for M&M International Products

Electrically Actuated High Temperature Globe Valve

V-Flow add to the range of Hygienic Valves

M&M Piston Valves for Autoclaves for Food Sterilisation

Solenoid Valves for Coffee Machines

FEATURED PRODUCT BLOG – The Comparato Diamant Range of Electric Actuators

Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves

Plastic Solenoid Valves

Comparato Sintesi Pro – The versatile compact electric actuator

Pneumatic Piston Valves from M&M International

Pneumatic Actuated Valves from V-Flow Solutions

V-Flow Solutions – The plastic actuated valve specialists

M&M International Process Solenoid Valves

Fusible Link Valves for Fire Safety

NEW VAC V200 Range Of Pneumatic Positioners

Comparato Sintesi actuators for a building services project

Happy New Year from V-Flow Solutions

M&M International introduce the new range of latching solenoid valves


Sometimes plastic is the right material to use for flow control equipment

Competitively priced electric gate valve assemblies from V-Flow Solutions

WRAS Approved Motorised Valves for Heating Control

Introducing the new Diamant Pro – Electric Actuator from Comparato Nello Srl.

V-Flow Solutions involved with large scale export project in the oil and gas industry.

New to our range of M&M International piston valves  –  Stainless Steel Actuators

Delivery of 17 Comparato COMPACT electric actuators fitted with 2˝ BSP 2 way full bore nickel plated brass ball valves

Our customer required two 8˝ wafer pattern butterfly valves fitted with Explosionproof ATEX electric actuators for a seawater application.

V-Flow Deliver Hygienic Range of Ball & Butterfly Valves

V-Flow Solutions Supply 6 NO. Electrically Actuated 3″ BSP 2 Way Stainless Steel Ball Valves for Manifold Installation

V-Flow Solutions Supply Electrically Actuated 4″ Flanged Cast Iron 3 Way T Port Valve on Flow Diversion Project 

Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valves for an Underground Drainage System

V-Flow Solutions announce a new line in pneumatic vane actuators.

Comparato Compact PRO actuated valve and Flow X3 flow measuring equipment.

V-Flow introduce a new range of level and flow sensors.

Welcome to the new V-Flow Solutions website.

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